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The Application of Input Electronic Information System in Communication Satellite Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.043


Sun Xiyu

Corresponding Author

Sun Xiyu


The communication satellite platform can simulate the satellite communication link completely, and can effectively analyze the anti-interference ability of the satellite communication system, so as to reduce the number of field tests, accelerate the research and development cycle and save hardware resources. The function of communication satellite platform has great influence on the overall technical level of communication satellite. The main tasks of electronic information system include data processing, satellite management, power supply and distribution management, Autonomous Fault handling, etc. It plays a key role in the control and management of satellite information flow. It is an intelligent system for autonomous management and control of satellites, and also a bridge for communication management between satellites and ground, satellites and satellites. With the application of the new electronic information system in the communication satellite platform, China's communication platform has made significant progress in terms of system integration, expansion capability and emergency processing capability, from optimizing the electronic platform structure of the satellite platform and strengthening the development of the public platform. In other respects, suggestions were made.


Electronic Information System, Communication Satellite, Application