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Analysis and Research of computer Simulation Technology in Swimming Sports Mechanics

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.038


Wu Hanhan, Wang Liqing

Corresponding Author

Wu Hanhan


In order to improve the quantitative teaching level of swimming sports, it is necessary to carry out quantitative analysis of swimming sports mechanics. A method of swimming mechanics analysis based on computer simulation technology is proposed. The ARMA model is used to analyze the mechanics of the limb movement of swimming, the Lagrange dynamics model is used to model the characteristics of the mechanics of swimming movement, and the distributed characteristic parameter model of the dynamics of swimming is analyzed in the space of six degrees of freedom. The dynamic distribution space of swimming motion is obtained by using the forward kinematics analysis model, and the inverse kinematics of multiple degrees of freedom is solved by analytic method, and the global and local joint force and force parameters in swimming are estimated. The model of swimming mechanics is realized. The simulation results show that the proposed method is accurate and accurate in estimating the mechanical parameters of swimming movement, and it can effectively guide swimming training.


Computer simulation technology, swimming, mechanical analysis