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Research on inverse simulation of physical training process

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.037


Zhao Xin, Longg Xingnian, Changkui Chen

Corresponding Author

Changkui Chen


In order to improve the control ability of the human body in the process of physical training, it is necessary to carry out the inverse simulation analysis of the physical training process and establish the process control model of the physical training. A physical training process control model based on inverse integral and fuzzy control is proposed. The complex problem of high-dimensional spatial motion planning involved in physical training is decomposed into a series of sub-problems in low-dimensional space, and the inertial attitude parameter fusion is carried out according to the position and pose state of the human body in the end of the workspace during the process of physical training. The multi-dimensional control of physical training process is carried out by fuzzy constraint and inverse integral control, and the attitude parameters of human body are adjusted by means of mechanical analysis model and inertia parameter analysis method. The inversion simulation control is realized in the process of physical training, and the effect of physical training is improved. The simulation results show that the inversion simulation control has better convergence, higher control quality and better inverse simulation performance in the process of physical training, which can effectively guide physical training and improve the effect of physical training.


Physical training, control, inversion integral, fuzzy, human attitude parameter adjustment