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Application of Modern Computer Technology in Physical Training Model Simulation

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.033


Jiang Hongying, Lu Changchun

Corresponding Author

Jiang Hongying


In order to improve the visual level of physical training and promote the optimization of sports training, the computer multimedia technology is used to simulate the sports training model. Traditionally, the design complexity and control performance of the high-dimensional spatial sports training model are high, and the control performance is poor. A design method of computer multimedia simulation sports training model is proposed based on attitude change space fast exploration control, and computer multimedia simulation method is adopted to construct human body sports training and body movement mathematical model. In the physical training and kinematics model of human body, the position and pose feature information of human body is extracted quickly. Multimedia image analysis and intelligent control are used to simulate the process of human sports training and analyze the constraint parameters of motion planning in attitude change space to realize the optimal control of physical training and body motion planning. The simulation results show that the design of sports training model based on computer multimedia simulation is more controllable, the prediction error of motion attitude parameter is lower, and the multimedia control ability of sports training model is stronger, the effect of physical training is improved.


Modern computer technology, physical training, simulation, multimedia