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Research on BP Neural Network Prediction Model Based on Genetic Algorithms

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.030


Qi Anzhi

Corresponding Author

Qi Anzhi


On the basis of BP neural network model, genetic algorithm is introduced, and a neural network prediction model incorporating genetic algorithm is proposed, which is the further development of BP neural network model. Therefore, based on BP neural network, the network structure is difficult to determine and the network is easy to fall into local solution problems. The genetic algorithm is used to optimize the connection weight and network structure of the neural network. In the process of genetic evolution, the method of preserving the best individual is adopted to establish a BP network model based on genetic algorithm. The research results show that the prediction ability of BP network model 1 and 2 based on genetic algorithm is improved with the increase of training samples, and the accuracy of forecasting will be improved.


Genetic algorithm, BP neuron, network prediction model