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Research on Fitness Exercise Prescription System Based on Intelligent Hardware Equipment

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.028


Dingyu Tang

Corresponding Author

Dingyu Tang


The rapid development of modern information technology has brought unprecedented changes to all walks of life. In the field of sports and fitness, the fitness prescription system is the inevitable result of people's growing desire for healthy life. This paper expounds the basic concepts of intelligent hardware and exercise prescription. By analyzing the application of intelligent hardware devices and the current state of physical fitness, and taking advantage of the advantages of intelligent hardware devices, data sharing and mobilization can be achieved, which helps people to exercise in time and can Feedback fitness situation. Due to the late start of sports and fitness in China, the current exercise prescription system has not solved the problems of standardization, structure and safety. Therefore, the development of a fitness exercise prescription system based on mobile intelligent hardware devices has strong social and practical significance.


Intelligent hardware, Fitness exercise prescription, System research