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Research on recognition of intelligent wearable monitoring equipment based on BLE protocol in students' motion state

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.027


Dingyu Tang

Corresponding Author

Dingyu Tang


This paper designs and manufactures a human posture detection and measurement system based on BLE technology. The system uses three-axis acceleration sensor to collect human posture information, and sends it to the client through Bluetooth. Finally, the processed information is displayed on the client. According to the user's needs, the functions of fall detection and step counting can be realized through different combinations of the sensor's wearing position and number. The acceleration information of different positions of human body is studied. The results show that different human postures can be detected by different combinations of the number and position of sensors. In addition, several experiments have been carried out to verify the feasibility and practicability of the system.


BLE protocol, wearable, monitoring equipment, movement status