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Analysis of Electricity Consumption Behavior of Electricity Customers Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.021


Chang Xu, Ping Huang, Fang Zheng, Guilin Huang, Ping Zhan

Corresponding Author

Chang Xu


As the overall development of our society shows an upward trend year by year, the development of all walks of life has been changing with each passing day. Especially in the environment of science and technology occupying the market, the informatization mode of every industry becomes more and more obvious. Electric power companies are related to people’s livelihood development. In the big data era, they are constantly improving their own development mode, so as to ensure that they are not eliminated by the rapid development of the big data era. The development of China’s electric power industry, on the basis of constantly improving its own digitalization and informatization and in combination of the advantages of big data, integrates and extracts the diversified resources reasonably, and brings more perfect feelings for the national electricity consumption experience. This paper takes the big data era as the background of development, carries out a detailed analysis of the national electricity consumption behavior, and provides the necessary basis for future professional research in this area.


Big data, electric power customer, electricity consumption behavior