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Research on Innovative Path of News Visualization Communication Based on Java Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.010


Luwei Xu, Qingyun Wang

Corresponding Author

Qingyun Wang


With the development of the times, readers' demand for news is no longer limited to simple text information, but more vigorous to understand the deep meaning behind the text. As far as journalists are concerned, they need to strengthen the exploration of visualization in the way of communication to realize the visual communication of news. As soon as visual news comes into being, it is deeply loved by audiences. How to expand the scope of visual news transmission and broaden the path of visual news transmission has become a problem that must be considered by journalists and sportsmen. To make the content of data news more abundant, this paper makes rational use of the method of visual communication, so that the characteristics of interaction can be fully developed. From the dialectical relationship between technology and content to analyze news visualization, Java technology as a widely used network language, due to its platform independence, high availability, security, reliability and support for database programming. The establishment of news management based on the Java platform, giving full play to the important role of information technology, and more efficient processing of news of large information volume, has a positive impact on the development of the news industry.


Java technology, News, Visual communication