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State Machine-based Early Warning and Monitoring Script Algorithms for Cloud Computing Servers

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.004


Liu Jia, Qu Chengzhang

Corresponding Author

Liu Jia


Cloud computing distributes all kinds of heterogeneous and dynamic resources in the cloud computing platform, forming a huge virtual resource pool. Cloud users can access services according to the principle of on-demand use. The server system under cloud computing is mainly composed of a series of server clusters based on distributed architecture, under which the number of servers may be as many as tens of thousands. To manage such a large number of cloud computing cluster server systems and ensure their high-performance operation, it is necessary to have an effective cloud computing cluster monitoring system to monitor and control them. Based on the state machine, the author studies the algorithm of the cloud computing server early warning monitoring script. The analysis and evaluation results show that the real-time monitoring and early warning of cloud computing environment resource information has the characteristics of low system overhead and friendly user interface, which can accurately reflect the load information of the system and virtual machine, and contribute to the reliability of cloud computing system service Upgrade.


State Machine, Cloud Computing, Server Early Warning, Monitoring Script