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Research on Fast "Blind Interpolation" Technology of High Density and Miniaturization Prefabricated Optical Cable

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.003


Wu Congying, Guo Yachang, Liu Wenxuan, Wang Xiaoxu, Qiu Xinjuan, Fang Zhenze

Corresponding Author

Wu Congying


In this paper, a prefabricated optical cable SPM (Standard Prefabricated MPO/MTP) based on high density, miniaturization and ultra-precision positioning technology is studied. The prefabricated optical cable uses T-slot KEY key-oriented technology, primary key+auxiliary key positioning technology, arc center focusing technology, floating rendezvous and docking technology between P-guide pin and guide hole. It ensures ultra-precise positioning of Yin and Yang plug docking, and achieves fast "blind insertion" of all-optical links. The experiment proves that the high-density prefabricated optical cable meets the requirements of low loss and easy maintenance of the secondary physical circuit, and unifies the prefabricated optical cable interface standard of the intelligent substation, improves the reliability of the system communication connection, and truly realizes the modularization of the secondary physical connection of the intelligent substation, and standardized "plug and play" requirements.


High Density, Prefabricated Optical Cable, Plug and Play, Blind Plug, Interface Standardization