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Analysis of Ecofeminism and Its Influence on Lessing’s The Cleft

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.35


Yuzhuo Cui

Corresponding Author

Yuzhuo Cui


Doris Lessing (1919-2013), who is Britain’s outstanding and fertile woman novelist, won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2007. Her belief in the harmonious relationship between the man and the nature prevails in many of her works. In her new works, The Cleft Lessing raises a question and thinks once again about the relationship between males and females and between men and nature by retelling human beings’ original history. She mainly focuses on people’s attention on the relationships between literature and nature, women and nature, in order to arouse people’s awareness of protecting nature and caring for women and the disadvantaged race from the perspective of the Ecofeminism. This paper analyses the links between women and nature in the novel and reveals males’ ignorance and oppression to females and human beings’ ignorance and oppression to nature both in the past and at the present time. It is concluded that only when the patriarchy no longer considers nature and women as “others” or “objects”, could this world achieve equilibrium.


Ecofeminism; exclusion; Women; Nature; Harmony