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Evaluation of Compensatory Supply Cultural Products in Chinese Cultural Environment Based on Fuzzy comprehensive Evaluation Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.068


Yong Hang, Hui Li

Corresponding Author

Hui Li


Cultural products are increasingly becoming a strategic factor in the economic and political development of all countries. Meanwhile, the attendant problems about the value of cultural products have attracted more attentions. The work took compensatory supply cultural products in Chinese cultural environment as the research object. Meanwhile, it considered the main factors that affect the value of paid-for-supply cultural products, such as political orientation, social benefits, product quality, economic benefits, resource value and natural environment through fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, constructing the evaluation index system. Besides, the indicator weight was determined by analytic hierarchy process, establishing Chinese compensatory supply cultural products’ evaluation model under a new era. On the basis, it verified the validity of the model through the simulation experiment.


Cultural products, compensatory supply, cultural environment, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation