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On Translation of Terminology in Specialized or Professional Texts in English

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.061


Zheng Wang, Yangqiong Lin

Corresponding Author

Zheng Wang


Specialized or professional texts in English refers to English used in one particular occupation or profession, such as such as technical English or English for science and technology, medical English or English for medical professionals, legal English or language of the law, travel English or English for tourism, aviation English. One of the characteristics of the specialized text is that there are a large number of the technical terms or terminology in the texts that are difficult to understand and translate. In other words, terminology translation is where most practical problems lie in technical and scientific translation. This paper mainly explores the importance of terminology translation, one of the most commonly encountered difficulties during technical translation and meanwhile offers useful suggestions of how to use effective approaches to refine terminology translation.


Translation, terminology, Specialized, Professional, texts