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The Influence of Cultural Cognition on Japanese Language and Literature and the Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.060


Jiang Xiaojuan

Corresponding Author

Jiang Xiaojuan


The rapid development of social economy has increased the demand for talents in Japanese language and literature, and has played a positive role in promoting Japanese teaching reform. However, in Japanese language learning, we should not neglect the introduction of cultural cognition and deepen our understanding of Japanese culture, so as to achieve barrier-free intercultural communication, which will help China-Japan economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges. Culture is the collective name of the form of human life in the region. It is the material and spiritual wealth created by human social activities. Language is an important carrier for displaying culture, but it is bound by language in development. In this regard, to understand the Japanese language culture, we must not only observe the external knowledge of the language from the shallow level, but also understand the cultural connotation of its symbol. The culture gives the language life, and the language gives the cultural soul. The two complement each other and directly relate to the study of Japanese language culture.


Cultural Cognition, Japanese Language and Literature, Influence, Countermeasure