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Analysis of Chinese Children's Literature Translation in the Background of "Belt and Road"

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.059


Rui Guo

Corresponding Author

Rui Guo


Children's literature can shape the character of the future nation. The translators bear the power of shaping spiritual civilization. They must absorb the essence of children's literature in other countries and spread the excellent culture of our country. In the English translation of children's literature, Chinese translators should learn the translation methods of various countries, pursue a mimicry of translation methods, and enhance the creativity of translation. Although many translation techniques can be quickly understood, and through a lot of training to improve translation skills, but language skills still need years of accumulation. With the in-depth development of the “Belt and Road”, there is no doubt that when readers are children of different countries, they do not have an in-depth understanding of cultural diversity, and it is more difficult to translate cultural related elements. Culturally relevant elements can be composed of a variety of elements, such as proprietary names, religious terms, food, etc. When translators believe that their audience may be ignorant of existing cultural background elements, dealing with these projects will be a real challenge, they will choose to show new projects to children's readers or replace new ones with familiar ones. From this perspective, the textual analysis of this paper aims to explore the vocabulary choices made by children's literature translators in the face of these factors.


Children's Literature, Translation, Chinese-English Translation