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Discussion on the influence of the advancement of ceramic technology on modern public murals

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.057


Jun Chen, Rui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jun Chen


As its name implies, murals are murals, art forms that combine murals and walls to improve the decoration and enhance the space environment. It is one of the textbooks of civilization earlier than humans. Mural is the most expressive artistic element in space design. At the same time, the difference between other pure art of painting is that the production of murals is limited by the objective environment. We can compare between different periods of murals in which the cosmic environment interacts with murals. At the same time, good art works are also the last contact of the cosmic environment. Murals are closely related to the cosmic environment and belong to a large public space environment that functions and functions in the cosmic environment. Mural art is not only a public space art, but also an indispensable part of modern space environment art. Expand. With the rapid development of human beings into the knowledge economy, the role of murals in modern public space art is becoming more and more obvious, and the value of our spiritual civilization is receiving more and more attention. Therefore, for the further exploration and research of space murals, in order to better create a human living space environment, it is necessary to correctly understand the connection between murals and human living space. Living in a cosmic environment, especially in a modern society where competition is fierce and life is hard, people's daily lives are directly related to these people. A good space environment must not only have practical functions, but also have specific cultural and spiritual functions. Mural participation in the art of the universe can satisfy people's aesthetic and spiritual needs. Therefore, how to deal with the relationship between murals and the cosmic environment is crucial. With the rapid development of science and technology in modern society, people have more public murals in the form of functions and functions in the cosmic environment that are suitable for the expectation, decorative space, optimized environment, people's aesthetics to meet spiritual needs, and to raise space for attention. The greater social significance of the environment.


Ceramic technology, modern public murals, development