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On the English Translation of Publicity Materials from the Perspective of Memetics of Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.056


Zhao Qing

Corresponding Author

Zhao Qing


The purpose of publicity translation is to accurately convey the information of foreign publicity through the way that foreign audiences like it. As a window for China to shape and disseminate its national image, it is of great significance for China to further enhance its international voice and world status. As the main media and means of external propaganda, the importance of foreign propaganda translation is self-evident. If an enterprise wants to enter the international market smoothly, the first thing to do is to translate its propaganda materials into English. Translation memetics evolution itself is the result of the continuous replication and dissemination of translational memes, and some translational memes die out because they are not universally accepted. This paper combines the specific corpus of corporate propaganda materials from the perspective of translation memetics, to analyze and explore the basic principles of English translation of corporate external materials, and propose a more reasonable translation strategy.


Publicity Translation, Translation Memetics, Translation Strategies