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A Brief Analysis of the Translation Characteristics of Fu Lei's Translation of Old Man Gao

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.055


Zhao Lianbin, Bai Xuefang

Corresponding Author

Zhao Lianbin


Fu Lei is an excellent translator in China. He has translated many literary works. In the process of translation, it has formed its own unique translation style. This time, the author makes an analysis of the translation features of Fu Lei's translation of Old Man Gao. His translation thoughts originate from his practical translation practice, so they are mostly empirical and subjective. After analysis, Fu Lei's artistic translation view is mainly manifested in three aspects: the translator's artistic accomplishment, the choice of translation and the translation standard. Fu Lei’s translation theory is not about a specific method, but an attitude that should be held in translation and an attitude towards literary translation.


"High Old Man", Fu Lei Translation, Translation Features