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Fuzzy Language Processing in Return to the Countryside Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.054


Yuan Xiaohong

Corresponding Author

Yuan Xiaohong


The use of fuzzy language and the resulting fuzzy beauty are one of the important qualities of Chinese ancient poetry. The ambiguity of language determines the ambiguity of translation. On the basis of accurately grasping the original text, the fuzzy language in the translated language covers the rich connotation of the original text, crosses the differences between English and Chinese language culture, minimizes the distortion of the original language, and achieves the equivalence of translation function. It is not appropriate to think of translation as a scientific form, but as a communication skill and literary art that changes itself. This paper tries to study the novel Return to the countryside from the perspectives of the author, the introduction of the work, the arrangement of the structure of the novel, the choice and use of words and phrases, and to analyze the author's real emotional experience and thoughts and feelings.


Return to the Countryside, Fuzzy translation, Handle