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A Study on the Translation of Shaanxi Folklore Culture under the Strategic Background of "Culture Going Out"

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.049


Weiwei Suo

Corresponding Author

Weiwei Suo


Translation is a cross-cultural communication activity. It is not only a process of language conversion, but also a process of cultural communication, conversation and integration. Under the strategic background of vigorously advocating "culture going out", folk culture is the core of culture. This paper explores how to translate Shaanxi folk culture into English, which not only conforms to the grammatical rules and expressive habits of the source language, but also accurately expresses Chinese culture. To a certain extent, to clarify the translation purpose of foreign literature translation, to establish and screen the best source text, to adopt a variety of translation strategies, or to change the marginal position of minority literature translation, to achieve a true sense China "culture goes out." In translation, it is necessary to choose appropriate methods according to cultural connotation, and through reserving differences as one of the indispensable contents of cultural translation studies, Shaanxi local folk culture translation should pay attention to its cultural identity, regional characteristics, accurate understanding and wording.


"Culture Going Out", Shaanxi, Folk Culture, Translation