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A Study on Translation Strategies of Business English Letters from the Perspective of Register Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.046


Gan Miao

Corresponding Author

Gan Miao


English business correspondence is an independent register. Based on the theory of discourse, register and context in Systemic Functional Grammar, and through the analysis of the semantic features of English business letters, it is pointed out that the translation should seek functional equivalence with the original text. It reveals the contextual context on which it depends, accurately reproduces the register features of the source language, realizes the equivalence of the meaning of the target language and the source language in register, and achieves a more faithful and appropriate translation. Therefore, translators need to have a higher language and professional business English background knowledge. In the translation of business English contracts, there should be a rigorous work attitude to ensure the accuracy, rigor and standard of the contract language.


Register, Register Equivalence, Business English Letters