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The Application of Tibetan Buddhism Characters in the Design of Jade Carving Pendant

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.043


Yang Li, Kong Yuanyuan

Corresponding Author

Yang Li


With the development of the times, people's artistic aesthetics continue to improve, Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism spread in the Mainland. Jade carving artists pursue new art forms, embody new aesthetics, and begin to pursue artistic nutrition to Tibetan Buddhist art. The Buddha statues in the jade carvings also began to appear in large numbers as works with Tibetan Buddhist figures. This thesis combines the design of jade carving pendants with the characters of Tibetan Buddhist figures to expand the content of jade carving works, and let the characters of Tibetan Buddhism create art to enrich people's demand for religious tokens. The theme of the original jade carving pendant is further enriched, so that the jade carving works of the unique characters of Tibetan Buddhism satisfy the existing customer groups, and the Buddhist believers can find spiritual comfort products different from the existing themes. Let the new generation of consumers who pursue individuality and pursue fashion pay attention to it.


Tibetan Buddhism, character, jade carving, pendant