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Design of Guangzhou city cultural symbol based on visual marketing

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.040


Lingli Zhao, Xiaoqin Yu

Corresponding Author

Lingli Zhao


With the advent of the era of information globalization, the development of urbanization has reached a climax. Cities need to improve their competitiveness, build and promote city brands, and build a distinctive and soulful city image, which has become a necessary trend for the construction of urban culture. As the political, economic and cultural center of south China, Guangzhou has inherited and inherited the ancient and diversified culture. In this flood of development, Guangzhou should find the correct positioning, establish the brand cultural image of Guangzhou alone, occupy a place in the major cultural cities, and remove the misunderstanding of “cultural desert”. Based on the understanding and research of Guangzhou, on the basis of characteristic culture, different cultures through the Guangzhou culture symbol in the field of visual design, to achieve through graphic symbols understanding the culture of Guangzhou, is not affected by the language, different geographical, cultural barriers, to Guangzhou in the new period to better inheritance and innovation, but also builds slightly make recommendations for Guangzhou.


Visual marketing, city brand, cultural symbol