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On Edna’s Self- Quest, Perplexity and Suicide in The Awakening

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.030


Zhang Lulu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Lulu


Kate Chopin, a forerunner of feminist writers in America, published her masterpiece, The Awakening in 1899. The novel describes the journey of Edna’s awakening. After her awakening, she is so hopeless and lonely that she can’t find her own way. Finally, she has to walk into the sea. Her short life is the process of her awakening and the period of self-consciousness. As Chopin touches the sensitive subject and challenges the traditional morality, the novel is listed as a banned book. Until the 1950’s, it has been rediscovered, being a classic works in American literature. The prime point in The Awakening is to get rebirth in awakening and to die in perplexity. However, Edna’s death is ever-lasting existence in a deeper level. This thesis aims to survey Edna’s awakening, perplexity, rebirth and death as well as to explore the essential reasons of her death.


Edna, The Awakening, Perplexity, Rebirth, Death