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Translation and dissemination strategy of "The Guanzhong School" under the background of "Belt and Road"

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.027


Wang Cong, Wang Yungang, Zhang Jiang

Corresponding Author

Wang Cong


The Guanzhong School was founded by Zhang Zai in the Northern Song Dynasty, and it was still popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the long-term transmission process, the academic views of The Guanzhong School scholars have changed frequently, but their academic spirit generally has its consistent characteristics before and after. Therefore, under the background of "Belt and Road" at the present stage, the author analyzes the translation and dissemination of The Guanzhong School and draws relevant strategies. Studies have shown that The Guanzhong School, as an independent school in the late feudal society of China, not only made outstanding contributions to the theoretical thinking of the Chinese nation in academic thinking, but also formed its own distinctive features in the academic spirit. In addition, in order to build a harmonious society and promote the all-round development of people and society, it is necessary to inherit the excellent spiritual tradition of The Guanzhong School, overcome its limitations and deficiencies, and in the combination with the spirit of the times, transform and renew it and carry it forward. It is also certain that under the new historical conditions, the excellent spirit of The Guanzhong School will be revived and splendid.


"Belt and Road", "The Guanzhong School", translation and dissemination