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Research on Special Effects of 3D Animation Based on Art Design and Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.025


Dandan Cong

Corresponding Author

Dandan Cong


With the continuous improvement of science and technology, making technology has been developed more and more. The special effects of art design should be made according to the story of three-dimensional animation. As a new technology, three-dimensional animation comes into being with the development of computer hardware and software. One of the greatest charms of animation art is that it can create a virtual world to intoxicate the audience, and the joining of computer animation technology undoubtedly adds to this charm. In the application of special effects technology in 3D animation, in order to achieve more realistic and beautiful visual effects, sometimes it is necessary to add various dazzling special effects, which not only helps transform the film and television style, but also brings great changes to the film and television art. Production technology has been further developed as the level of science and technology continues to improve. Film and television special effects production is based on the storyline of three-dimensional animation to develop special effects.


Art design, Three-dimensional animation, Special effects