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Research on the Media and Ways of Chinese Traditional Music Communication under the Environment of Media Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.022


Lu Wang

Corresponding Author

Lu Wang


As an important part of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, traditional music not only reflects the long history of the Chinese nation, but also shows the unique humanistic spirit and emotional world of the whole nation. Media convergence provides conditions and opportunities for the dissemination of national culture, and at the same time puts forward popular requirements for the dissemination of national culture. Under the background of media convergence, the combination of traditional media and new media has continuously broadened the channels of information dissemination and provided a good dissemination environment for information dissemination. This also provides great opportunities and challenges for the development of China's national music culture. We must inherit and develop our traditional music and let it continue to bear the historical memory of the Chinese nation. This paper discusses the dilemma of ethnic minority communication under the media integration, and combines the analysis of ethnic minority's own advantages to draw the communication countermeasures of ethnic minorities in the context of media integration.


Traditional music, Nation, Media integration, Communication