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Research on Credibility Thoughts in Historical Records

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.021


Zhang Ping

Corresponding Author

Zhang Ping


Throughout the ages, the research on "Historical Records" has countless papers, showing the profound and profound cultural connotations of "Historical Records" from many angles and aspects. However, from the perspective of virtue, the papers on the study of "Historical Records" are not yet available. Virtue can teach the social order and the standard. Later generations. "History of the History" highlights the "people"-centered model, which involves people from all walks of life, showing all aspects of their humanity, paying special attention to the display of Germany, and the "Five Emperors of the Five Kingdoms" It highlights the model meaning of the emperor's virtue, and is listed as the "Wu Taibo Family" at the head of the 30th family and the "Bai Yi Lie Biography" listed as the head of the 70th Biography. The outstanding is the virtue of the country. In addition, "Historical Records" also praised all kinds of virtues: the virtue of the emperor; the virtue of the princes; the virtue of the subjects. In these virtues, the noble morality in human nature is especially prominent. This paper selects the virtues that Sima Qian vigorously praises from "Historical Records" and gives them classifications, mainly including virtues such as patriotism, high cleanliness, honesty, diligence, forbearance, integrity, etc., and puts these virtues in the social background at that time, using history, Relevant theories and research methods such as ethics and sociology are used for analysis. These virtues essentially reflect Sima Qian's view of virtue. In Sima Qian's view of virtue, the fame of man reflects the value of man, and the virtue of man, the better thing in human nature, can better reflect human value. It can be said that these virtues in "Shi Yi Ji" are a summary and summary of the Chinese national virtues in the past two thousand years. "Historical Records" records the history from the legendary Yellow Emperor to the Han Emperor. This period is the Chinese nation. Virtue sprouts and forms a period. The virtues in "Historical Records" have accumulated through history and eventually become part of the national virtue.


Historical Records, Credibility Thoughts, Harmonious Society