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Postmodernism Creation with Local Characteristics in From Moscow to Petushki and Its Effect Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.020


Wang Jing

Corresponding Author

Wang Jing


Professor Yu Yizhong is the earliest scholar in mainland China who studied Venetikt Yerofiev. In his paper "Venetikt Yerofiev and his novel From Moscow to Petushky", he analyzed the post-modern creation of his novel and his unique "Dionysian spirit" based on interviews with Venetikt Yerofiev in 1989. Other domestic studies of the novel "From Moscow to Petushky" are few, but show a trend of development, generally because the research of Russian post-modern literature is becoming more popular and important, and Veneticket, as an early representative writer of Russian post-modern literature, its status is increasingly elevated. Considering that post-modernism is still widespread in Russia and in the world, there is still no trace of retreat. On the other hand, Russian post-modern writers and their works reflect Russian localization that is not exactly the same as Western post-modern writers. This paper will try to explore the beginning and development of postmodern literature in Russia, and analyze the text content of the novel "From Moscow to Petushki" to explore the postmodern creation of the author Vene Yerofiev in the novel. The technique and the characteristics of Russian localization have a clearer and clearer understanding of the creation of this novel


Russian Postmodernism, Venetique Yerofiev, From Moscow to Petushky