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The Interest of Xu Gu's Painting Art

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.018


Luan Yanhua

Corresponding Author

Luan Yanhua


The painter Xu Gu in the late Qing Dynasty was not only good at digging the beauty of the fascinating objects from the ordinary objects, and in the works to create a flat visual styling, the taste of pen and ink, the taste of order decoration. It highlights the lively taste of life and the abstract interest of artistic language. This makes the virtual valley stand out from many Chinese painters of all ages, and its works are highly recognizable and readable. The point, line and surface of the abstract two-dimensional plane reflected in the picture constitute consciousness and modern meaning, which are his bold breakthroughs in the traditional painting language. It reflects his keen perception of art and his conscious awareness of painting language beyond the times. The study of Xu Gu's painting art will have a positive significance to the practice and theoretical research of contemporary Chinese painting creation facing the topic of inheritance and innovation.


Xu Gu, Interest, Composition, Pen and ink