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Rural Tourism Area Integrating Forest Culture, Folklore Culture and Food Culture: A Case Study of Junwu Forest Park in Liuzhou

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.014


Wei Fei

Corresponding Author

Wei Fei


Rural tourism is a special cultural form which is based on the intrinsic value factors of general culture and acts on the life process of tourism relying on the elements of tourists. It is the sum of material civilization and spiritual civilization in the process of tourism. Tourism is the embodiment of human civilization, a cultural activity in a broad sense, a consumption of culture and a creation of culture. In the construction of Liuzhou Junwu Forest Park tourism culture, the perfect combination of folk culture and forest culture of Miao, Yi and Yao nationalities, and the characteristics of rural tourism areas with forest ecological culture, folk culture and food culture as the core.


Forest culture, folk culture, food culture, rural tourism