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Interpretation of the Communist Manifesto from the Perspective of Accelerated Critical Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.012


Ma Qiaoen

Corresponding Author

Ma Qiaoen


In order to seek the permanence of its existence, capitalist society tries to save itself by innovative technology. However, technological renewal has only accelerated the process of social development, and has not fundamentally improved the living condition of human beings. In the situation of accelerating society, people not only do not feel the arrival of happiness and happiness, on the contrary, they are full of pain and hardship. The Communist Manifesto opened a critique of the modernity of capitalist society and analyzed the problems of capitalist society from pathology. To indicate that society as an organic whole, if we can't innovate ourselves, we can't fundamentally eliminate the root causes of disease, and we are destined to collapse.


Ma Qiaoen, Ma Junfeng