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Research on the Relationship between TCSL and Chinese Ontology Based on Task-based Approach

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.009


Yuanjing Xiong

Corresponding Author

Yuanjing Xiong


The purpose of language research is to explain all kinds of language phenomena as reasonably as possible, to explore the commonness of human language and to serve its application. The research results of Chinese ontological grammar provide a theoretical basis for teaching Chinese grammar as a foreign language. Teaching Chinese grammar as a foreign language also provides a subject for the study of Chinese ontological grammar. The theoretical grammar of Chinese, i.e. the ontology of Chinese grammar, is the understanding and study of the laws of Chinese language. China's cultural soft power and the international influence of Chinese language have been improved accordingly. The enhancement of comprehensive strength has stimulated the demand for communication and inspired the vigorous development of Chinese international education. The domestic teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and the promotion of foreign language in China have conformed to the development of the times and accelerated the pace of China's internationalization. This paper starts with the ontology of Chinese grammar and the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, and analyzes the connotation of Chinese ontology and teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


Chinese Ontology, Chinese as a Foreign Language, Internationalization, Grammar