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The Law and Applications of the Theory of Yin and Yang

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.007


Luo Shan

Corresponding Author

Luo Shan


“Yin and Yang” are the components that make up the phenomena of matter system and the interaction basis of pushing forward the change and transmission of matter system: 1. The quantitative basis of “Yin and Yang” is the matching of “Yin and Yang”, and its scientific connotation is the separation and aggregation, which is inevitably followed by the division and recombination of energy to form the expression of the phenomena of matter system, and it can be verified by hydrogen spectrum spectroscopy formula; 2. The qualitative basis of “Yin and Yang” is based on the nature of “Yin and Yang”. The scientific connotation is the judgment of the state of matter phenomena. 3. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of “Yin and Yang” is the basic law of the diversity of phenomena and the description of state.


The law of Yin-Yang theory, Scientific connotation, Qualitative, Quantitative