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Analysis on Development Path of 3D Animation Technology Based on New Media Context

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DOI: 10.25236/iwacll.2019.001


Hou Lin

Corresponding Author

Hou Lin


Nowadays, new media is popular, especially in the animation industry. The current teaching method is no longer suitable for today's development situation, so it has been unable to train higher-level animation industry talents. With the continuous development of information technology, film and television, three-dimensional animation has come into the public's attention, and special effects art has been introduced into it, which has facilitated the audio-visual feast of three-dimensional animation. Although three-dimensional animation has developed quite well now, it is still not so simple in the production of animation design. Technology is the foundation of animation, and animation is the embodiment of technology. In the post-production of 3D animation, a major problem in animation technology is how to combine 3D animation technology with film and television special effects. Under the wave of new media development, the technological development of mobile networks and mobile terminals has played an unprecedented role in the development of animation-related industries.


New Media, Three-dimensional Animation, Film and Television Special Effects