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The Main Characteristics and Enlightenment of the Construction and Development of Famous Foreign NCO Academy

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.199


Xiaochun Zhu, Zelong Zhou, Yuhui Wang, Lixian Guo, Yuecai Xu, Zhuo Yang, Tian Yuan, Zhongmin Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhongmin Liu


Based on the basic situation of the construction and development of famous non-commissioned military academies in foreign countries, this paper analyses the main characteristics of typical non-commissioned military academies and their characteristics of running schools and educating people. Combining with the actual situation of our non-commissioned military academies, this paper puts forward specific countermeasures and strategies from four indicators: school strength, personnel training, scientific research and school reputation, in order to provide reference for our army to build a world-class non-commissioned military academy.


NCO, School-running Characteristics, Global Tier-1, Countermeasure