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Research on the Effect of Aerobics Training Based on Sports Characteristics on College Students' Physical Fitness

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.198


Li Li

Corresponding Author

Li Li


Competitive bodybuilding is a sport that integrates artistic beauty and sports competitiveness. It is gradually popularized in colleges and universities and flourished among college students. Due to the limited investment in training of college students' competitive aerobics athletes, it is worth discussing how to make college students' physical fitness training better serve the special technology. College students' aerobics training can greatly improve their physical fitness, which is helpful to their own ability and artistic expression. Competitive calisthenics requires athletes' physical quality, technical ability and artistic expression. It is a competition project that shows the health, strength, beauty and overall quality of the human body. With good strength and flexibility, athletes can adapt to the training of competitive aerobics as soon as possible, thus shortening the time for an ordinary athlete to become an excellent athlete. Based on the characteristics of athletes' competitive sports, this study explores the impact of competitive aerobics special training on the physical fitness of college students participating in training.


Aerobics, Physical Fitness, Sports Characteristics