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The Role of Cultural Confidence in Political and Ideological Education of University Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.194


Wenjuan Zhou

Corresponding Author

Wenjuan Zhou


To implement the education of cultural self-confidence in college students’ ideological and political education can enable them to understand the internal logic of the evolution of China’s economic system and recognize the superiority of China’s political system from the perspective of historical materialism. The main measures for ideological and political education to shape college students’ confidence in institutional culture include the following aspects: extracting the important points of knowledge of institutional culture based on the background of the times; integrating points of knowledge into curriculum teaching with classroom teaching as the main line; establishing a multi-sectoral linkage education mechanism under the leadership of the Party Committee of colleges and universities; focusing on the interests of college students and choosing the form of ideological education rationally; organized by college students’ associations, to develop online and offline ideological interaction.


Cultural self-confidence, College students, Political and ideological education