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Investigation and Analysis on the Current Situation of Talents Cultivation in Traditional Chinese Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.188


Deng Chun-sheng, Meng Yu-bo, Cheng Hai-bo

Corresponding Author

Cheng Hai-bo


In order to know the current situation of the talents cultivation in traditional Chinese medicine and to sort out the problems in the training process, this paper takes 1000 graduates who major in traditional Chinese medicine in a university of traditional Chinese medicine in Jiangxi Province as the respondents, and uses the questionnaire survey method to investigate the knowledge, ability and quality of Chinese medicine talents and the situation of graduates adapting to their posts.The results show that the overall situation of talents cultivation in traditional Chinese medicine is good, but it is urgent to strengthen training in the ability of handling critical illness, entrepreneurship and English application.It is suggested that the TCM colleges and universities should explore a new model of clinical competence training for TCM talents, establish and perfect the entrepreneurship education system for TCM talents, adjust the training strategies of English application competence for TCM talents, and continuously improve the quality of talents cultivation in TCM.


Traditional Chinese medicine talents, training status, investigation and analysis