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Exploration on Using Heuristic Teaching in Dance Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.185


He Jiayi

Corresponding Author

He Jiayi


In recent years, dance is increasingly concerned by people. Students also have strong interest in dance. With the constant improvement on educational reform, the dance course in colleges is constantly increasing. As the artistic educational subject, the dance course has some differences by comparing with the traditional classroom. As a result, the traditional teaching method is not suitable for dance teaching in colleges. Heuristic teaching is a teaching method that conforms to students’ learning law and cognitive level. It can make students more independently explore and discover than the traditional teaching method. Heuristic teaching can improve dance teaching efficiency, thus the author discusses the application of heuristic teaching in dance teaching and lays a foundation on colleges to greatly achieve a goal of dance teaching.


Heuristic teaching, dancing teaching, art education of colleges