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Study on the Modernization of Educational Governance under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.005


Yi Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yi Zhou


In the context of the vigorous development of Internet + and large data, the state is actively promoting education management to education governance, so the analysis of educational information service model of the new development has a positive role and significance. Based on the theory and practice of different countries in the world, this paper analyzes the existing different types of educational information service modes, and analyzes the problems existing in the research and practice of the existing educational information public service in our country. The development of educational information technology development service system is not enough, and the gap between the developed areas is large, the top design is insufficient, the system design is not enough and the evaluation system is still imperfect, weak impact. This paper argues that building a public service system of educational information in the context of educational governance modernization needs to pay attention to the task of educational information development under the educational public service, straighten out the diversified participatory orientation, innovation management and operation mechanism under the public - private partnership mode, do a good job in system construction.


Big Data, Education Governance, Modernization.