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Study on Teaching Mode of Business English in Flipped Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.178


Changhong Shao, Wenmin Chen

Corresponding Author

Changhong Shao


International economic development has put forward new requirements for the cultivation of busi-ness English talents in China. The prosperity of the Internet has created conditions for it and has been imposing an important impact on business English teaching modes, among which flipped class-room is a new teaching method which makes full use of diversified learning resources, encourages students to explore and learn independently, and cultivates students’ ability of cooperation and communication. By analyzing the essence of flipped classroom and the characteristics of business English teaching in flipped classroom, this paper explores the impact of flipped classroom model on business English teaching in Chinese universities, and furthermore, business English teaching strate-gies with respect to flipped classroom have been suggested.


Business English, flipped classroom, teaching mode, Internet