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Analysis of Interactive Metadiscourse in Chinese Students’ IELTS Writing

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.176


Zheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Zheng Wang


IELTS Writing testis considered as the most difficult part of IELTS exam. That’s why research interest always focuses on the analysis of the linguistics feature of students’ IELTS compositions. Analysis of linguistic features in students’ IELTS compositions is a good way to analyze and enhance students’ writing ability. In this essay, Hyland's (2005) interactional model of metadiscourse was adopted to analyze 20 students’ IELTS writing to explore the linguistic features of students’ writing. A research is designed to analyze and explore the differences in the application of metadiscourse markers in students’ composition and model essay templates and then based on the research results, marked variations are found across students’ writing and model essays in terms of interactive metadiscourse markers. In the final part, the author suggests more interactive textual metadiscourse markers should be used by students to make their writing more organized and coherent.


Interactive metadiscourse, IELTS Writing