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Research on the teaching reform of University Library's Literature Retrieval Course under the background of “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.174


Wang Linlin, Wu Liying

Corresponding Author

Wang Linlin


University libraries, as the storage centers of original documents and resource data, are important places for students to further enrich extracurricular knowledge, improve reading ability and scientific research level. Due to the large number of bibliographies stored in University libraries, it requires certain technical means to acquire the target resources, which is the technical means of literature retrieval. Document retrieval ability is the main way to improve the information literacy and ability of college students and to acquire important knowledge and information. Therefore, it is necessary for university libraries to carry out the teaching of document retrieval course, which is also a part of university education. At present, the society has entered the Internet era, which brings opportunities to the teaching of literature retrieval course. A teaching mode based on “Internet +” has continued to become popular, and has become the benchmark of teaching reform in the current literature retrieval course. This paper discusses the current situation and existing problems of literature retrieval course in Chinese university libraries, and analyzes the teaching mode under the background of “Internet +”. Combining with this way, it puts forward the teaching reform ideas of University Library's literature retrieval course, thereby promoting its rapid development.


“Internet +”, university library, literature retrieval course teaching, reform thinking