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Research Progress on Mental Health Education Based on Core Literacy of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.171


Hailing Bai, Wenli Yi, Zhihong Tang

Corresponding Author

Hailing Bai


In recent years, with the progress of the times and the development of society, the state has put forward new requirements and goals for the cultivation of college students' talents. How to comprehensively improve the core of college students with patriotism, professionalism, honesty and friendliness accomplishment, ensuring the healthy development of college students' psychology has become an important task in front of modern universities. However, at present, some colleges and universities in China have some shortcomings in the grasp of college students' core literacy in the psychological health education of college students. It has hindered the smooth and orderly development of college students' mental health education to a certain extent. Therefore, it must be paid enough attention.


Core Literacy of College Students, Mental Health Education, Problems, Measures