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Research on Rethinking Teacher's Consciousness under the Mode of Reversing Classroom Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.170


Zhang Aihui

Corresponding Author

Zhang Aihui


The new curriculum reform clearly plans the teaching methods for changing the status of teaching subjects, and advocates teachers to guide students to actively participate in learning activities by changing traditional teaching methods and teaching modes. The general curriculum standards also clearly point out that teaching should improve students' scientific core literacy as the key, and respect the individual's personality development. With the deepening of the current informatization education, the birth of the flipping classroom and its rise have gradually begun to create new opportunities for the construction of student subjects and teacher-led teaching classrooms. Flipping classroom is a comprehensive reform of the traditional teaching classroom structure, realizing the inversion of knowledge transfer and internalization. In the actual teaching, it continuously satisfies the individualized development of students while cultivating students' self-learning ability and cooperative inquiry consciousness. The paper briefly introduces the flipping classroom, and on this basis, analyzes and discusses the practical application and advantages of the flipping classroom teaching mode in teaching.


Flipping Classroom, Teaching Mode, Teacher Awareness, Applied Research