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Research on Artificial Intelligence Education and Its Value Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.165


Ping Mu

Corresponding Author

Ping Mu


With the rise of the global education informatization wave, new media technologies led by artificial intelligence have also flourished. The relevant documents promulgated by the state have raised artificial intelligence to the level of national development strategy and also restricted the national economy. Artificial intelligence has been applied and matured in various fields, but the impact on education is very small. In the first year of artificial intelligence, domestic and foreign educational scholars put their research perspective into artificial intelligence, and the phenomenon of artificial intelligence and learning, education science and other interdisciplinary subjects emerged, with a view to the beautiful development of artificial intelligence education. In this paper, the author mainly organizes and summarizes the core concept definition, the application status of artificial intelligence education, and the value orientation of artificial intelligence education, in order to help the research on artificial intelligence education in the later stage.


Artificial Intelligence Education Advantage, Intelligent Robot, Human-Machine Collaboration