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Research on the Important Role of Music Education in Colleges and Universities in the Inheritance of National Traditional Music Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.162


Yue Li

Corresponding Author

Yue Li


Nowadays, with the continuous development of China's exam-oriented education, it has gradually turned into quality education. Quality education has paid more attention to the comprehensive and healthy development of talents. Therefore, in the music education of colleges and universities, students are encouraged to fully demonstrate the status of the subject and inherit the music culture. It is very important and very important. How to give full play to the inheritance of national traditional music in the actual music education of colleges and universities under the quality education, this is a key and long-term task in the current music teaching of colleges and universities. The paper mainly focuses on the problems and deficiencies in the current college music teaching, proposes targeted and reasonable solutions and actively innovates the model, and urges students to truly love music, thus continuously inheriting the traditional music culture.


College music, music education, national music, cultural heritage