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The Application of Mobile Phone in College English Autonomous Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.160


Hanwen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hanwen Zhang


College English teaching should not only focus on imparting English knowledge to students, but also on teaching students how to learn and apply the language, helping students learn to learn and form the ability of independent learning. Nowadays, the development of social science and technology is very fast. The rise of the Internet has injected vitality into social development and provided an open platform for students to learn new knowledge. Under the mobile multimedia network environment, the college English autonomous learning mode is widely used in college English teaching due to its richness, openness, independent learning, independence, teaching orientation, individuality, interaction and cooperation. Devices such as mobile terminals have become a necessity for people's lives. College students can learn English autonomously based on mobile terminals, which can broaden the channels for students to learn English, thus achieving a "win-win" for English learning.


Mobile Terminal, College English, Autonomous Learning Mode